Life Coaching

In Life Coaching, I play the role of Non - Judgmental facilitator helping you find your best solution. My belief is everyone knows what is best for themselves. While Coaching, I will support you challenge both your own thinking and perceived limitations. I will also teach you some simple techniques to access your intuition and deeper knowledge of yourself, uncover and explore extreme possibilities.


Relationship Coaching

In Relationship coaching, I support you to widen your perspective and bring the bright light of awareness into the hidden corners of resentment, fear and avoidance. Even if only one spouse / family member decides to get coached, when he or she lets go of mental suffering, the burden could also be lightened. You can benefit from my coaching to improve your relationships in family and work.


Healing - Mind & Body

It’s possible for people to heal themselves of all sorts of conditions (even those considered incurable) without drugs or surgery — through thought alone. Every body and soul has the blessed nature of healing on its own. When healing mind and body, my role is to coach the people to believe in themselves and learn consciously how to come out of their physical, mental illness and their old selves. Healing sessions are highly personalized for every client.

Client Testimonials

I am so delighted and very impressed on the way how the level of service and provisions offered by Sharmila. Sharmila Devi is a highly skilled Pranic Psychotherapist. She listens to every needs of the client, her politeness is so heartwarming and most of all, you will appreciate every help she gives. I have noticed a big difference in me. There is an inner peace, calmness and everything from head to toe is all wellness. I have a stable normal blood pressure, less panic attacks, calmness is much stronger, and I am happier right now. Thank you Sharmila for your efficient and unending support! Keep up the good work and continue helping people like me!  

Med Yadao


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